PGSS Community Garden Workshops- Open to everyone! @ PGSS McGill, Montreal [du 20 juillet au 12 octobre]

PGSS Community Garden Workshops- Open to everyone!

- 12
17:30 - 19:00

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3650 McTavish, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y2
The environment committee has organized a series of workshops to help bring a green thumb to even the most notorious plant killers. Workshops are $5/ea and are open to PGSS members and the broader community.

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Thursday July 13th 5:30-7: Ecological Methods of Pest Disease and Control
Thursday July 20th 5:30-7: Intro to Herbalism
Thursday August 3rd 5:30-7: Dandelion Collective Bee workshop!
Thursday August 10th 5:30-7: Edible Weeds
Thursday September 14th 5:30-7: 'Seed Saving'
Thursday October 12th 5:30-7: 'Closing a garden and winter techniques'

Thursday July 13 5:30-7: Ecological Methods of Pest Disease and Control

90% of the insects in the garden are beneficial, but those that aren’t can cause big problems! We’ll go over common garden pests (and diseases) and learn ecological methods for keeping them under control.

Thursday July 20 5:30-7: Intro to Herbalism

Intro to herbalism: Nature was our original pharmacy and there are many plants in the garden that have healing properties. We’ll lead a discussion for gardeners to share their own knowledge and how we learned it. Then we’ll introduce some new medicinal plants and different techniques for harnessing their power!

Thursday August 10 5:30-7: Edible Weeds
Edible weeds: A weed is just a plant that’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of our “weeds” are beneficial or even edible. Learn how to identify these tasty “volunteer” plants.

Thursday September 14 5:30-7: Seed Saving

Seed saving: Seed saving is a critical component of any garden and agricultural life cycle. It has also become highly political and ever-more crucial due to the rise of mega-corporations who control an increasing amount of our seeds and biodiversity. This mini-workshop looks at basic theory and considerations when saving seeds from the garden. We will also discuss different techniques for saving different kinds of seeds.
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