Sunfields + Sc Mira // Résidence #2 @ Divan Orange, Montreal [16 août]

Sunfields + Sc Mira // Résidence #2

21:00 - 03:00

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Divan Orange
4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Z3
Sunfields are taking over the Divan Orange almost every Wednesdays (9, 16, 23) of August. They’re gearing up for their album release on Toronto Label EXIT SIGN MUSIC. Every week will feature different guests, different songs, and different vibes.
Come for the beer and stay for the music.


«Sunfields sound like Neil Young making out with Nick Drake in the back of ELO's van, while listening to The Byrds & dreaming of The Everly Brothers.»

Sc Mira (Winnipeg) —

Sc Mira are everything you never knew you wanted in a band. They are five painfully unique, flawed individuals, that despite their differences, have created something that is difficult to define. For Sc Mira, there is no “file beside”, no “for fans of”. They are pioneers in an age of sameness, when everyone is claiming to be different.

Now, two years after Sc Mira discovered their darkness following their debut record, Waiting Room Baby, the band is back with a new collection of songs that are bright on the outside and cold on the inside, beginning with the aptly titled Keep Crawling EP. The self-produced EP was guided by an unlikely partner in mix-engineer Ferro Montanino, a pop producer and composer with a knack for film work and an inspired collaboration with electronic superstar Skrillex under his belt. Ferro’s knowledge of the electronic and pop world complimented Sc Mira’s synth-driven dance-rock in an unusual way, and thus the term “death pop” was born.

It’s been a wild ride for this young band, with performances throughout the world, including an unforgettable show to an immense crowd of teary-eyed fans in Tokyo. Still, it feels as though this is only the very beginning.

Sc Mira will make you uncomfortable, but once you get over the initial shock, you’ll realize that you are hearing something new for the first time in a long time, and you just might find yourself beginning a sentence with: “I knew them when…”
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