The Surrounding Game Montreal Screening @ Senthé, Montreal [du 2 au 3 septembre]

The Surrounding Game Montreal Screening

2 - 3
19:30 - 19:30

 La page de l’événement
6547 Saint-Hubert, Montreal, Quebec H2S2M5
Projection du film The Surrounding Game

The Surrounding Game movie screening
L'AQJG, de concert avec Senthé — Salon de thé et de go, vous invitent à une projection du documentaire The Surrounding Game.

La projection aura lieu en anglais.
You can choose to come view the movie on Saturday 2nd OR Sunday 3rd. The movie starts at 19h30 both days, please arrive a bit earlier to choose your seat.

Movie Sinopsis:

The ancient game of Go is the most complex and elegant game ever discovered. Though the rules are simple enough to teach a child, the complexity that emerges has inspired millennia of study. For three thousand years, master players in East Asia have handed down the game as an art form to foster patience, creativity, and self-reflection. Today in the elite world of the pros, international tournaments offer hundred-thousand dollar prize purses, and top matches are broadcast on 24-hour «Go TV» to millions of fans in China, Korea, and Japan. But in the West, most people have never even heard of the game… until now.

THE SURROUNDING GAME follows the lives of three young Americans vying to become the first-ever Western professional players. Quirky, cerebral, and disillusioned with conventional views of success, they represent a new generation of players, on the doorstep of adulthood. As the competition intensifies and intricate patterns spill out across the board, the line between reality and imagination starts to blur. Their thoughts turn to anxieties about the future, and lead them on a journey through the game’s ancient past to ask what it means to live a meaningful life. Through an intimate portrait of these young players and interviews with the greatest Go masters of all time, the film explores the search for meaning that Go represents to its players, for whom the game is a distillation of consciousness itself.


Qu'est-ce que le billet VIP inclus? / What does the VIP ticket include?

Votre billet inclus votre choix de repas, dessert et breuvage pour accompagner la projection du film, ainsi qu'une place à une table à l'avant de la salle. Vous pouvez arriver à partir de 18h si vous souhaitez manger avant la projection.

Your ticket includes your choice of meal, dessert and beverage to go with the movie, as well as a place at a table un the first row. You can come as soon as 18h if you wish to eat before the movie.

Quelles sont les options de transport/stationnement pour se rendre à l'événement et en revenir? / What are the transport/parking options for the event?

La ligne 18 et 30 de bus et le métro Beaubien sont proche de Senthé. Il y a du parcomètre sur rue et un stationnement de la ville à l'arrière, accessible par Boyer et Saint-André.

The 18 and 30 bus lines as well as Beaubien metro stations are near Senthé. There is parking on the street and a city parking in the back, accessible by Saint-André and Boyer streets.

Comment puis-je contacter l'organisateur si j'ai des questions? / How can I contact the organizers if I have a question?

La responsable de salle peut être jointe par courriel à l'adresse [email protected]

The room owner can be reached at the email [email protected]

Quelle est la politique de remboursement? / What is the refund policy?

Aucun remboursement, mais vous pouvez vendre/donner votre billet à un ami.

No refund, but you can give/sell your ticket to a friend.

Dois-je imprimer mon billet et l'apporter à l'événement? / Should I print and bring my ticket?

Oui, cela facilitera l'admission.

Yes, that will help admissions.
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