Rykova Bierstone Freedman Navab Kohn Tredici at Resonance @ Resonance Café, Montreal [13 août]

Rykova Bierstone Freedman Navab Kohn Tredici at Resonance

18:00 - 20:00

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Resonance Café
5175A Ave du Parc, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4G3
Please join us this Sunday at Cafe Resonance for a fun night of experimental music, improv, and who knows what else!

August 13th, 18h00
$5 suggested

Elena Rykova — speaking objects
Felix Del Tredici — bass trombone
Lori Freedman — clarinets
Noam Bierstone — percussion
Navid Navab — media alkemist
Diego Kohn — violin

Poster by Ani Harroch
— Elena Rykova | elenarykova.rocks

Elena Rykova likes sweet pancakes and Irish coffee. She makes music with objects, instruments and humans extending one through another. The state of constant joy and playfulness coming along with a strong belief in reality of evolving sound world finds its unique presence in her drawings on the paper, inviting performers to explore the dream world of meta-instrumental-beings and different ways of communication with each other.
After finishing Moscow conservatory and studying masters in Hochschule for music and dance in Cologne, Elena started PhD program in composition at Harvard University and is currently based in Boston.

Felix Del Tredici | felixdeltredici.com

The New York Times has described Felix Del Tredici as an “extraordinarily versatile trombonist” whose performances are “disturbing yet fascinating” and “hair-raisingly virtuosic”.

Lori Freedman | lorifreedman.com

Conspicuously described as “a musical revolutionary,” she is known internationally as one of the most provocative and creative performers in the field of contemporary music. Her work includes concert repertoire, improvised and electroacoustic music, and she frequently collaborates with dance, theatre and visual artists.

Noam Bierstone | noambierstone.com

Noam Bierstone is a Canadian percussionist dedicated to modern artistic performance. Artist in residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts (2013-2015), Noam is a founding member of scapegoat (saxophone, percussion), standardmodell (saxophone, piano, percussion) & the Hellqvist/Amaral/Hyde/Bierstone project. He is regularly invited to perform with leading new music groups such as Ensemble Intercontemporain, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne & soundinitiative, and can be heard on the Cantaloupe Music record label, Fondation Meyer, Radio France & CBC Radio (Canada).

Navid Navab | navidnavab.net

Navid Navab is a Montreal based media alchemist, composer/improvisor, audiovisual sculptor, gesture bender, and multidisciplinary artist. Interested in the poetics of gesture, materiality, and embodiment, his work investigates the transmutation of matter and the enrichment of its inherent performative qualities. Navid uses gestures, rhythms and vibration from everyday life as basis for realtime compositions, resulting in augmented acousticalpoetry and painterly light that enchants improvisational and pedestrian movements.

Diego Kohn | diegokohn.com

Diego Kohn was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a multifaceted musician: violinist, composer, improviser and teacher.
He has worked in improvisation from different approaches. He is a founding member of the Argentinian Ensemble of Improvisers. He founded the äW quintet, focused on work free musical improvisation with Contact dancers. With the composer Teodoro Cromberg worked in duo in works for electronics with real-time manipulation (Csound & Max / MSP) and electric violin and also founded the improvisation trio Cromberg-Kohn-Mariani, who were presented at major festivals of electroacoustic music in Argentina.
He worked in an interdisciplinary way with visual artists, dance and literature.
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