Golden Shrimp Lollipop Ϡ⚘ Coral Seas & Petropolis @ Psychic City, Montreal [15 août]

Golden Shrimp Lollipop Ϡ⚘ Coral Seas & Petropolis

20:00 - 23:00

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Psychic City
Montreal, Quebec O0O 0O0
⚘ G⊛ldeƞ §hrimƥ L⊛lli*P⊛P is a PWYC evening group meditation and underground cinema screening ℑ

Psychic City ⧜
$5-$10 PWYC (no one turned away)

Address: TBA

Meditation ⚖ 8 pm
Screening ∆ 8:30 pm
Discussion ∞ 10:30 pm

Not your average social film-going interaction with all the blah blah ruckus beforehand. You have the golden option to arrive at 8 pm for the group meditation sitting (with minimal incense and soundscapes) to centre our collective lotus corpses amidst the galactic power tripping maya, and to begin to collectively alter consciousness against the cyclical patterns of human and environmental destruction.

After this week's screening, we will be having a group dialogue about the relationship between the films, and about how we in Montreal can take local actions to prevent more environmental destruction of the sea. We will share about how we each view our own spirituality practices as being integral to earth stewardship and the consequential political activism she needs. We will discuss how to re-orient our persectives of nature as a body, and how to practice conservation efforts within extractive urban contexts and within your own personal art practice. Please stick around!

Please bring re-usable bottles for water, as we are hoping to ban disposable plates, cups and straws from the space.



Coral Seas of the Blue Planet Series • 48 mins

Surprisingly fragile coral reefs are susceptible to damage by sea life, natural phenomena and humans. Follow coral's development from birth to death.

Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands (2009)
by Peter Mettler • 43 mins

The Athabasca tar sands in Alberta are an oil reserve the size of England. Extracting crude oil that lies beneath the unspoiled wilderness requires a massive industrialized effort, effecting catastrophic damages on land, air, water, and climate. Peter Mettler shows us this extraordinary view from above, filming primarily from a helicopter to capture this breathtaking, unparalleled view of the world's largest industrial, capital and energy project… Mettler explores the clash between industry and earth, and beholds the barren wasteland that is left behind.
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