Petunia & The Vipers / Stony Loner & his Rhythm at Divan Orange @ Divan Orange, Montreal [19 septembre]

Petunia & The Vipers / Stony Loner & his Rhythm at Divan Orange

21:00 - 23:59

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Divan Orange
4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Z3
A man rooted in as much talent as mystery, Petunia is a Canadian country treasure. His illustrious career began with busking his way through Canada and the NYC subways, playing over 150 shows a year to enthralled audiences stumbling on the next best musical gem. Since then, he has racked up the achievements with several celebrated solo releases and frequent tours spanning continents. Alone, Petunia is a talent unapologetically shocking fans with shocking versatility. Together with his Vancouver-based backing band, The Vipers, he is a fireball ripping and roaring with eclectic instrumentation and an energy only attainable through big band camaraderie.

On the band’s latest full-length record, Dead Bird On The Highway, you will find a whole slew of genres — blues, hillbilly country, rock ‘n roll, avant-garde — that come together for a late-night party teeming with moonshine and a good old jam session. The album, which was independently released, highlights every ability of Petunia’s adaptable voice: growls, howls, yodels, and everything in between. Setting the stage for him are The Vipers’ skillful arrangements with stand-out solos from upright bass, lap steel guitar, mandolin, and trumpet.

Don’t miss your opportunity to catch Petunia and his world class band as they ramble far and wide from small towns to big city festivals and everything in between. No matter what you can be assured that they will never disappoint and will always leave their audiences soaked in astonishment and crying for more.

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What is to be said about Petunia & The Vipers?

“With 13 tracks that pour spirit out of every beat released from any of many powerful instruments and every word melting from jittery vocals, Dead Bird On The Highway is a revelation. The whimsy created from a Petunia & The Vipers collaboration is previously unheard of, and that initial (and thereafter constant) jolt of imaginative musicianship should be treated as nothing less than a gift.” — Savannah Davanzo

“Have you ever listened to an artist who is so captivating, so utterly authentic, that they send shivers down your spine and make you dizzy with wonder? Well, meet Petunia, who, along with his band The Vipers, is single-handedly reintroducing the world to a long-lost, old-time style of music incorporating flavours of roots, rockabilly, swing, and train car ramblin’ hillbilly folk. Together, Petunia and The Vipers are not to be taken lightly. At times, swooning and crooning and others gnashing and smashing, the talent and precision with which they exhibit their musicianship is quickly becoming legendary in its own right....complete authenticity...”
— Columbia Valley Pioneer

“Petunia and the mother****ing Vipers. One of the best bands in the world today, of any kind.” — Phil Alvin (The Blasters)

“Last night I saw one of the best bands I’ve ever seen in close to 50 years of attending gigs. It was the incredible Petunia and the Vipers at the Chichester Inn, Chichester. A small but perfectly formed crowd was treated to some incredible musicianship and a totally unique vocalist who can’t really be compared to anyone else. If you get the chance to see this amazing band take it.”
— Mike Morrison (American Roots UK)

“Remember when Quentin Tarantino announced last year that he’s working on a spaghetti western? Well, if Mr. Tarantino reads this, I highly suggest he give Petunia and the Vipers’ self-titled release a listen because it’s a collection of songs so cinematic, so Americana and so instantly classic that it’s made just for him. And you too! The album is obviously the work of a group of well-seasoned musicians. Guitarist Stephen Nickleva has been playing in a variety of bands for years and lap steel guitarist Jimmy Roy has been called by rockabilly great Ray Condo “a scholar of hillbilly sound.” The album weaves comfortably through a variety of genres. From the gorgeous, yodel-infused “The Cricket Song” to the frenetic rockabilly of “Maybe Baby Amy” to Spanish ballads “Bright Light” and “CHE (Guevara’s Diary)” to the WWII-era swing of “Yes Baby Yes,” this release never ceases to delight. Let Petunia and the Vipers take you on a journey through American history. You won’t regret it.”
— Randi Beers (Exclaim Magazine)

“Imagine that David Lynch and Nick Cave had a hillbilly baby. A hillbilly baby that yodeled. That’s Petunia. Now imagine he’s backed by a band whose talents match his own. That would be the Vipers. Imagine that man and that band can step onstage and hold a crowd in thrall song after song, until the last note fades away, and that would be Petunia and the Vipers...”
— Cascadia Weekly (Bellingham, WA)

“Whilst I’m always saying that there is very little true originality in any music, there are exceptions and this album is most definitely one of them. There are certainly echoes of other artists but when you take the vocals, varied tempos, instrumentation and perhaps even more importantly, the almost otherworldly atmosphere, into account there is not really anyone else that stands comparison.”
And concludes: “It would be so easy to get even more carried away and write about every song but no writer could ever really describe this album adequately. You really have to buy it for yourself and play it over and over again. I can’t even, hand on heart, say that I love every song (although I do most of them) but the album is worth its five star rating simply because of its diversity and originality that most would kill to possess! I’ve had it on constant rotation for a month or so and am still finding previously unheard nuances in this extraordinary recording. If only we could get him to England for some live shows, what nights they would be!”
~ 2012 Album of The Year –



Stony Loner and his Rhythm Rounders is a new WESTERN SWING project. Popularized in the southern U.S. between 1920 and 1940, this music will make you tap your feet from the first measure. Let the Rythm Rounders introduce you to the songs of the classic pioneers of Western Swing, such as Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers, Milton Brown, the Light Crust Doughboys, Jimmie Rodgers, not least of all Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.
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