Next Music from Tokyo vol 11 (Divan Orange) @ Divan Orange, Montreal [8 octobre]

Next Music from Tokyo vol 11 (Divan Orange)

19:00 - 23:59

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Divan Orange
4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Z3
Bands: JYOCHO / Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu / Nuito / o’summer vacation / Koutei Camera Girl Drei / opening act: ame to kanmuri

Venue: Divan Orange
Date: Oct 9, 2017 (Sunt)

doors open: 7:00pm
show starts: 8:00pm
***opening act ame to kanmuri will start performing at ~7:30pm***

tickets: $14 (advance) $20 (at door)
Advance tickets available online here:
and at local record store Cheap Thrills.
For more details:

JYOCHO – if you loved Uchu Conbini’s sublime math-pop then you will love Daijiro Nakagawa’s new band JYOCHO. Beautifully intricate and soulful music in the vein of TTNG, toe and American Football played with jaw-dropping skill. Simply watching Daijiro shred on guitar is worth the price of admission and just wait till you see and hear the drummer!!!

The members of JYOCHO are all incredibly skilled musicians that play in other bands but JYOCHO has yet to perform live yet, not even in Japan. JYOCHO make their world premiere in Canada as part of NMFT11!

Nuito – the mathiest band on the planet. Nuito’s music is so complex, ever-changing and seemingly incoherent it’s difficult to enjoy on first listen. Even I admit I couldn’t get into it at first. But just like kids who initially find coffee bitter and gross grow to absolutely love coffee as adults, if you have the patience to listen to Nuito’s album Unutella you will slowly recognize it’s unequivocal brilliance. If not the best math rock album ever made (highest rated on – Unutella represents the pinnacle of songwriting complexity and instrumental skill. Fans of early Tera Melos and Maps & Atlases and newer bands such as Invalids and Chon will bust three nuts over Nuito’s insane musical chops.

Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu (3am & bored)—once an all-female band but now sporting a male guitarist—play an incredibly quirky, creative, and unpredictable brand of pop. No two songs sound alike as they love to experiment with everything from emo, shoegaze, and post-hardcore, to traditional-Japanese folk and funk. This adorable yet badass band held Canadian audiences in the palms of their hands back at NMFT Vol. 8. Since then, they've graduated university, refined their songwriting, honed their skills, and changed their looks. This new and improved Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu is ready to recapture the hearts of Canadians with a killer set and early copies of their newest CD ahead of its Japanese release in late October.

o’summer vacation is a noise-hardcore 3-piece—bassist, drummer, and female singer/screamer. Picture the band Lightning Bolt with female vocals. Too skilled to be no-wave, yet too irreverent and messy to be math rock—o'summer vacation blends enough qualities of both ends of that proverbial spectrum to appeal to those who like their music somewhere between unbridled chaos and surgical precision.

Koutei Camera Girl Drei – an idol group that sings and spits rhymes over sublime, diverse instrumentals. These range in genre from EDM to glitch to even shoegaze, and evoke shades of Nujabes, Giraffage, Flying Lotus, and their primary inspiration, Autechre. Koutei Camera Girl's stage presence is moody, intense, and heartfelt.

Ame to Kanmuri – the new stage name of molm’o’mol, one of the original members of Koutei Camera Girl. Idol music never truly captured her interest, so she relished the opportunity to DJ/MC as a solo artist. Ame to Kanmuri will be the tour's opening act, dropping bars over hypnotically chill, lo-fi house grooves, and setting the stage for another epic iteration of NMFT.

for more info:
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