4à7: The We Are NOT Snakes Edition @ 4à7, Montreal [12 octobre]

4à7: The We Are NOT Snakes Edition

17:00 - 20:00

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1001 Sherbrooke ouest, Montreal, Quebec
Hello everyone! Join us this Thursday for a warm, inviting, and educational 4à7 to show you that management students are NOT snakes!!!

Do let us know if anyone tries to make you feel bad about your future plans /screws you over on a peer eval/ kisses up to profs/ guilts you about the fact that you studied for the midterm LESS than them/ asks you to go back to your ~finance slide~/ gives u the wrong answer on purpose/ tries to condescendingly tell you that their future in banking is the ONLY way to TRUE happiness and a fulfilling life ha ha ha (am I projecting here???)

Come ssslither in and join usss! We are not cold-blooded, not reptilian, and not snakes. The only cold thing we have is beer (most of the time). *********But actually, many people serving are not even in management so we are breaking stereotypes every day!**************

: ~ )

— REMINDER: we have permanently changed the time to be from ***5:00- 8:00*** Join us this Thursday (and every Thursday) from 5:00 — 8:00 in the Bronfman Basement. As always, we will have the necessities: beer, SAMOSAS, and lists of three!!!


— Your reusable cups (aka Frosh mugs) so you don't have to pay for cups at the event.

**Pro tip- keep frosh mugs in your (or a friend's) locker**

— Your MCGILL ID-- this is an 18+ event!

Ssee ya there: ~ )
— Sssleeman Beers
— Sssapporo & Guinness at the Friends & Family Bar
— The sssexiest committee in all of McGill history
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