Lunar New Year Market: McGill x Concordia Asian Societies @ Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU), Montreal [12 février]

Lunar New Year Market: McGill x Concordia Asian Societies

17:00 - 21:00

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Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU)
3480 Rue McTavish, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1Y2

McGill x Concordia Asian Societies welcome you to the YEAR OF THE DOG

Once again, we will be holding our annual Lunar New Year Night Market to celebrate another year of festivities 🎉🎉

Come join us for a night a fun, enjoy all the delicacies from all over Asia, and feast with your eyes from our various live entertainment!

Already excited? Stomach rumbling? Already /DIGGING/ the event?? 🍽🍴
Here's a slight preview of the menu you can look forward to:

🎊 MCSS: Bubble Waffle, Spicy Hot Pot (麻辣香锅), Bubble Tea (Chatime), Ice cream, Taro Ball
🎊 MTSA: Milk tea bbt, Braised pork rice, Ai yu lemonade, Shredded chicken rice, Candied fruit
🎊 HKSN: Curry Fish ball, Char siu w/ fried rice, Egg tart, Mango pudding, Red bean pudding
🎊 MANABA: Goi Cuon or Pho rolls, Asian fusion hotdogs, Japanese Curry, Raindrop cake, Strawberry milk with black&white jelly
🎊 CCAS: Thai Milk tea/Viet Coffee, Dumplings, Japchae, Matcha Strawberries, Matcha cookies
🎊 and many more!!!

External Clubs:
🎊 JSA: Dorayaki, Inarizush
🎊 KSS: Spicy Chicken with Rice, Kimchi Jeon, Sugar Pop
🎊 CSSA: Spicy Hot Pot
🎊 MECA: Fried rice cakes (Ttoekkochi), Shikhae (Korean rice drink), Kimchi mandu, Fried tofu rice balls, Kimbab
🎊 MVSA: Vietnamese-style flan (Banh flan), Sweet ginger tofu dessert (tau hu nuoc duong)
🎊 CCIFF: Free gifts

performances are tba so be on the lookout 😉

PLUS, get your tickets from Jan 29th — Feb 11th and we have a deal for you:
🎐 Presale: $10
🎐 At the door: $12

Each ticket gives you 8 tokens to spend at the night market. You can also purchase more tokens at the venue!

🎏 Ticket Sellers 🎏

Liwei Shi: (514) 607-9856
Jenny Jang: (250) 280-6628
Sooji Hah: (306) 209-9832
Matthew D'Urbano: (514) 653-1688

Curtis Lin: (438) 838-2982
Yan Li: (514) 834-6079
Nathasha Ngyuen: (514) 442-5776

Anneka Yao: (226) 750-2760
George Yun: (416) 770-0126
Annie Lu: (514) 947-5201

Kevin Luu: (514) 241-8022
Sophie Nguyen: (514) 442-5761
Sunny Yang: (514) 802-0181

David wang ‭(613) 770-7114‬
Kathy lin ‭(514) 553-9617‬
Joseph Jo ‭(514) 839-5135‬
Annie Sun ‭(778) 929-9213‬
Melanie Zhang (514) 814 9010

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