Next Music from Tokyo vol 12 (Montreal) @ La Sala Rossa, Montreal [21 mai]

Next Music from Tokyo vol 12 (Montreal)

20:00 - 23:59

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La Sala Rossa
4848 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2T1R5
Bands: The Taupe / Yubisaki Nohaku / Bakyun the everyday / / Lucie,Too / Koutei Camera Girl Drei + Koutei Camera Gal

Venue: La Sala Rossa
Date: May 21, 2018 (Mon)

doors open: 7:00pm
show starts: 8:00pm

tickets: $14 (advance) $20 (at door)
Advance tickets available online here: and soon at local record stores Cheap Thrills…
For more details:

NMFT 12 brings an all-star cast of past favorites and a brand new band for you to fall in love with named Lucie,Too.

The Taupe — masters of psychedelic, post-punk. Their music switches unpredictably from calm beautiful soundscapes to ear-shattering chaos in a heartbeat. Brilliant, ultra-melodic and noisy af.

Yubisaki Nohaku — these four ladies throw down a technical but fun combination of prog, noise, pop and post-rock that is beautiful, soulful and fierce. Last year, guitarist Junko may have broken all sorts of records in Canada for stage diving, crowd surfing and coaxing free beers from the audience.

Bakyun the everyday — ultra-melodic pop-punk played with absurd amounts of ferocity and raw power. One of the most fun bands in the history of NMFT. < — read the great comments about the shows last year

Koutei Camera Girl Drei — returning from NMFT11, this all-female 3-pc idol group made their live debut in Canada before they performed a single show in Japan! Their sound involves rapped lyrics over EDM instrumentals but it's the soulfulness, creativity and supreme attention to detail in production coupled with the heartfelt, raw-as-punk ebullience of the girls' on-stage performance that makes KCG3 one of the most captivating acts in Tokyo's underground music scene. < — this song 'Toronto Lot' was inspired by their stay in the 416

Lucie,Too — hree female university students who play straightforward but incredibly well-crafted indie-pop.

for more info:
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