OAP Lite 2018 @ OAP, Montreal [du 26 au 27 avril]

OAP Lite 2018

26 - 27
12:00 - 21:00

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Montreal, Quebec H3A 2T5
The weather can change. A person can change. Hell, even a location can change. But not OAP. OAP will always be that cute friend you met at camp so long ago. You know the one, with the cute hair and the bright eyes? That same cute friend that you ran into on the train to your mundane office job. They really came out of their shell over the years, and they're looking great. That very same cute friend that inspired you to take a leap and skip work with them to frolic in the flowery meadow and bask in the sun. Just like that cute camp friend, OAP is always going to be the thing you fell in love with many, many years ago; cheap beer, tasty burgers, and good times!

OAP Lite is headed home to Three Bares Park for this spring! A homecoming for the ages, those nude fellows will be back in your Instagram news feeds before you can say «5 everything tickets, please»!

This year, OAP Lite is taking place on Thursday April 26th and Friday April 27th from Noon-9pm. We have some new initiatives we can't wait to share with all of you so stay tuned to this event page for all the latest info! Beers served, food items, and the who's who of who's playing live music will all be found here.

***************TICKET PRICES**************

15.00$ for 5 Anything Tickets
3.50$ for a beer
3.00$ for a burger (beef, chicken, veggie, with or without cheese)
1.50$ a soda or hot dog
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