RMBR ME @ Mouseprint Gallery, Montreal [du 12 au 17 avril]


12 - 17
17:00 - 16:00

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Mouseprint Gallery
1515 St Catherine St W, EV 9 416, Montreal, Quebec H3G4M8
RMBR ME is a memorial installation by Abbie Rappaport commemorating the death of MSN Messenger in the summer of 2014. While the program met its end a few years before, in 2014 that the program’s entire chat history was permanently deleted. MSN Messenger was a platform that many millennials and early computer users can identify with. Many would argue that their adolescent discoveries and coming of age were directed by communicating with peers and others on MSN and similar programs.

A special emphasis in the memorial is placed on remembering the development of new romantic, sexual, pubescent, and interactive experiences on instant messaging programs. Many people who experienced the development of instant messenger culture are attempting to forget their cringe moments. RMBR ME seeks to reinstall the nostalgic wonder of early puberty, first loves, and the formation of identity through the use of iconic instant messenger programs like MSN Messenger and others who have also fallen. Gone, but never forgotten. Ttyl ;~)

Shoutout to ZACK MORTIMER for the poster ily xoxo :*
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