3rd Annual Dynamo Overnight Ride - Magog Edition @ Montreal, Quebec, Montréal [du 15 au 16 juin]

3rd Annual Dynamo Overnight Ride - Magog Edition

15 - 16
21:00 - 08:00

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Montreal, Quebec
Time for the annual dynamo overnight ride for the summer solstice.
2016 was Burlington VT, 2017 was Mont Tremblant, and this year will be Magog!

What is the Annual Dynamo ride?
A semi-organised, self-supported overnight ride taking place near the longest day of the year. The ride is based on the Dunwich Dynamo, an annual, semi-organised ride from London 190km to the coast on the east of the UK that draws ~2000 riders.

Friday, 15th June 2018, 9PM at C&L Villeneuve patio for BYO beers/snacks, then we'll head out.
Arrive in Magog in the morning for breakfast / the beach

You can then :...
1) double-dynamo! ride back
2) take the bus back to Montreal
3) hang for the day, camp by the lake, ride back on Sunday 17th.

Mostly flat along Route Verte 1, approx 150km + 350m climbing

The route is pretty simple, but same as last year, we will post a map / .GPX files beforehand, and give out a cue sheet. Given the length of the ride, this will be a drop ride — ride in groups, but there are no checkpoints besides the endpoint.

— friends. pets!
— lights, good ones.
— tools / spares
— food/water — most places along the way will be closed
— layers
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