Jupiter Brown • New Chance • Seen • Sylvia Wrath • Cartel Madras @ Bar Le Ritz PDB, Montréal [19 juillet]

Jupiter Brown • New Chance • Seen • Sylvia Wrath • Cartel Madras

20:00 - 01:00

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Bar Le Ritz PDB
179 Rue Jean-Talon-Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2R 2X2
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Doors 8:30pm, show 9pm.

• Jupiter Brown •
Jupiter Brown is a spoken word & music project drawing from elements of Afrofuturism, Negro spiritual, and the jazz poets of the 1960s. They are interested in the poetic ideas of rhythm, space, language, and mood as
interpreted by installation, movement, and sound. Jupiter Brown has been presented by Never Apart gallery, the Blue Metropolis Festival, Off the Page Literary Festival, and elsewhere. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, they have lived in Tio'tia:ke (Montreal) since 2014.

• New Chance • (Toronto)
Using hardware samplers and sequencers, live effects and her own voice — she creates all-encompassing sonic landscapes. New Chance’s work in music includes DJing, remixing and collaborations in contemporary art, film, and dance. She has also collaborated with many musicians including Julie Reich (Bile Sister), Kieran Adams (Diana), Jonathan Adjemian, Romy Lightman (Tasseomancy, Austra), and Isla Craig and Jennifer Castle (in the vocal improv trio, IC/JC/VC). Her voice can be heard backing up Lido Pimienta on her Polaris prize winning record La Papessa, and on Jennifer Castle’s forthcoming album Angels of Death. New Chance has released several digital tracks as well as the cassette, Ear Rationelle on Healing Power Records.
It Says New Chance is Victoria’s debut EP on Bedroomer — as well as her first major digital store release. On the EP, New Chance covers vast terrain, touching on the conventions of dub, deep house, avant pop, ambient and the esoteric side of 80’s electro. She develops a sonic otherworld, exploring the permutations of genre that work towards creating new forms of expression. The result is celestial and dissonant, brutal and beautiful all at once.

• Seen •
Seen is a formation by singer-songwriter Odile Myrtil and producer Victor Bongiovanni. Starting the composition of their first collaborative EP in late 2017, their moody sound they create is a common ground between their respectively different tastes and backgrounds in music. They are currently performing in underground dive-bars or illegal venues, in preparation for their album’s release “untitled”, set to be release in the fall of 2018.

• Sylvia Wrath •
The definition of harsh, intentionally upfront and open-wounded.

• Cartel Madras • (Calgary)
Cartel Madras is a Canadian hiphop duo trying to disrupt an industry. Hailing from South India, Contra are Eboshi are rappers looking to take familiar narratives and destroy them. Using the rap stylings of the South and trap they bring an aggressive femme party while rapping about sexuality, identity, freedom, and race.

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— Le Ritz P.D.B:
179 Jean-Talon Ouest, Montréal.
-Le Ritz PDB is wheelchair accessible, with a metal ramp on the inside of the front entrance. The bar is located on the ground floor, its entry facing directly onto Jean-Talon Ouest. Washrooms are also wheelchair accessible and gender-neutral.
-Le Ritz PDB est accessible en fauteuil roulant, avec une rampe métallique à l'intérieur de l'entrée principale. Le bar est situé au rez- de-chaussée, son entrée face directement sur Jean- Talon Ouest. Les toilettes sont également accessibles en fauteuil roulant et de genre neutre.

— Slut Island Festival acknowledges that it takes place on stolen land, on the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka. The Kanien’kehá:ka are the keepers of the Eastern Door of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The island called “Montreal” is known as Tio’tia:ke in the language of the Kanien’kehá:ka, and it has historically been a meeting place for other Indigenous nations, including the Algonquin peoples.

Slut Island reconnaît que le festival prend place sur des terres volées, le territoire traditionnel des Kanien’kehá:ka. Les Kanien’kehá:ka sont les gardiens des portes est de la confédération Haudenosaunee. L'île appelée « Montréal » est connue sous le nom de Tio’tia:ke dans la langue des Kanien’kehá:ka et a historiquement été un point de rencontre pour d'autres peuples autochtones, incluant les peuples algonquins.
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