DEBBY FRIDAY•AhMerAhSu•M|ghthaunt•R.Flex•Precolumbian• @ Bar Le Ritz PDB, Montréal [28 juillet]

DEBBY FRIDAY•AhMerAhSu•M|ghthaunt•R.Flex•Precolumbian•

20:30 - 03:00

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Bar Le Ritz PDB
179 Rue Jean-Talon-Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2R 2X2
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Doors 8:30pm, show 9pm.
After Party begins midnight 3am

DEBBY FRIDAY is a sound & video artist and producer/composer raised in Montreal, QC and currently based in Vancouver, BC. Their work revolves around the creation of experimental audio-visual narratives and performances, disrupting the lines of genres and artistic disciplines. Known for her daring live-sets in local and international circuits, as well as their exhilarating approaches to sound and music, they draw upon feminine rage, discourses of power, forces of diaspora and eroticism as inspiration.

Ah Mer Ah Su • (Oakland)
Ah-Mer-Ah-Su is the music project of Star Amerasu. Her music is a synthesis of voice, beats and the tenacity of the black trans spirit. She has released two EPs, «Eclipsing» and «Rebecca» in 2016 & 2017 respectively. Her debut album «STAR» is set for release in June of 2018. She has graced stages around the globe and her music touches on the tender subjects of life. She is a force, am angel, a goddess and her own Queen.

• M|ghthaunt • (Los Angeles)
Grieta is a state cracked in half by extractive terrestrial abuse. Hovering in the air is the Estates, and below it thuthaside. Only a gondola system bridges the smokey, unpassable fissure that separates the cities. cr|me, a dark nigga queer from thuthaside, misses the last gondola from the Estates one night and is pushed into the fissure by police forces. This is how m|ghthaunt is made: not a man but a wraith, come back to venerate a dark nigga queer turned too-soon ancestor. m|ghthaunt is manifested from cr|me’s only remnants, their internet avatar @boon.woods, by an organizing force called a potential church. This is the base of m|ghthaunt’s story.

• R. Flex • (Toronto)
After the success of his EP launch, Ryan Anthony Robinson, otherwise known as R. Flex, delivers IN & OUT. Noted by his peers for its unique sound, R. Flex delivers a well-versed world where electronica marries R&B. Featuring production from A-Fos and Zlender, R. Flex employs his songwriting and vocals to storytelling heights. Tales of voyeurism, role playing, and infidelity haunt the EP in ways that are simultaneously personal and anthemic.
Starting his music career first interrupting Noise Level’s creations in 2014, he’s gone on to release two mixtapes, collaborated with a myriad of artists (A-Fos, Zlender, Tush, James Bailey, Staasia Daniels, Positive Journey, Noise Level, Ian Doig-Phaneuf, Worldcatcher, and Jale O’Haara) and has begun to carve out a name for himself within the indie r&b scene in Toronto.


• Tati Au Miel •
Tati Au Miel is an artist/dj from montreal, they are influenced by their colourful environment the Sun and the Moon. They play world sounds from afro sounds to electronic music. They view life as a visual melody.

• Precolumbian • (Philly)
Precolumbian is a Philadelphia-based DJ, musician, and cultural creator. Her work operates as a medium for empowerment and decolonization and was honored with the 2013 Leeway Foundation Transformation Award. She is currently teaming up with Bearcat (Discwoman) on a QTPOC centered club night and music platform titled SELTZER.

• Coco Supreme • (Toronto)
Coco Supreme is a DJ and producer based in Toronto. She's curated and played events with local underground talent as well as with internationally recognized artists at Work in Progress, High Power (Manifesto), Yes Yes Y'all and Cousins.

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179 Jean-Talon Ouest, Montréal.
-Le Ritz PDB is wheelchair accessible, with a metal ramp on the inside of the front entrance. The bar is located on the ground floor, its entry facing directly onto Jean-Talon Ouest. Washrooms are also wheelchair accessible and gender-neutral.
-Le Ritz PDB est accessible en fauteuil roulant, avec une rampe métallique à l'intérieur de l'entrée principale. Le bar est situé au rez- de-chaussée, son entrée face directement sur Jean- Talon Ouest. Les toilettes sont également accessibles en fauteuil roulant et de genre neutre.

— Slut Island Festival acknowledges that it takes place on stolen land, on the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka. The Kanien’kehá:ka are the keepers of the Eastern Door of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The island called “Montreal” is known as Tio’tia:ke in the language of the Kanien’kehá:ka, and it has historically been a meeting place for other Indigenous nations, including the Algonquin peoples.

Slut Island reconnaît que le festival prend place sur des terres volées, le territoire traditionnel des Kanien’kehá:ka. Les Kanien’kehá:ka sont les gardiens des portes est de la confédération Haudenosaunee. L'île appelée « Montréal » est connue sous le nom de Tio’tia:ke dans la langue des Kanien’kehá:ka et a historiquement été un point de rencontre pour d'autres peuples autochtones, incluant les peuples algonquins.
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