GS#6 X Perfecto : The Brains / Bloodshot Bill / NOBRO *Gratuit* @ , Montréal [16 août]

GS#6 X Perfecto : The Brains / Bloodshot Bill / NOBRO *Gratuit*

20:00 - 23:30

Présentée par et
Diffusée par le Festival Perfecto + Le Hall + Club Soda
Premier arrivé premier servi, places limitées!
La Grosse Soirée, ce sont des spectacles vraiment trop solides pour être vrais. On vous présente des spectacles pour les connaisseurs durant toute l'année. De plus, comme on considère que la musique doit être entendue par tout le monde, les billets en prévente sont gratuits! On vous prépare une production de grande qualité dans la meilleure salle en ville: Le Club Soda.

The Brains has never been a band to follow the rules. In fact, the members of the group made a point of utterly destroying every one of these rules with each album they release and every performance they give. These hardworking road warriors have brought their eye-popping live shows to the four corners of the Globe. They perform to full houses in Canada, Europe, Mexico and the United States, sometimes even alongside bands like Rancid, Mad Sin, Nekromantix, Offspring, and Reverend Horton Heat. The Brains stand out as a group to watch, by constantly working at mastering their skills. It hasn't been enough for them to earn awards and secure number one spots on music television programs; they are now hell-bent on world domination. Raise your glass and join them in their battle cry for MORE BRAINS!

BLOODSHOT BILL présenté par
Greasy Canadian has travelled on his own, playin' all over USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Mexico...all sorts of places too! From big festivals to tiny bars to trailer parks & truck stops...Tours mostly as a one man band, but has plenty of bands too...Has put out a tons of music, and has alot more comin'...Teams up with Mark Sultan (BBQ) as The Ding-Dongs...Also, teams up with King Khan as Tandoori Knights..Has his own brand of hair grease, «Nice'n'Greasy», his own Lip Balm «Bloodshot Bolognaise» and a custom made amp designed by Richtone ..If he comes to your town and you want to make him happy, he likes spaghetti and meat alot, but not too much before the show, please.

NOBRO Présenté par BEAU'S
These 4 badass women are way too cool to have a bio. Let's just say that your head will explode!
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